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Les 4ème6 sont allés au Nickel vendredi 23 novembre 2007 pour voir le film "Bend it like Beckham" , film anglais réalisé en 2002 par Gurinder Chadha.

Voici la bande annonce du film :

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The main characters

Actors and characters :

-Parminder Nagra plays Jesminder Bhamra.

-Keira Knightley plays Jules Paxton.

-Jonathan Rhys-Meyers plays Joe.

Keira Knightley is famous because she played Elizabeth Swann in Pirates of the Caribbean with Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp and she was also Princess Amidala‘s double in Star wars : The Phantom Menace.

Juliette Paxton is an English teenager. Her nickname is Jules. She’s strong, tall and slim.
She has got a fair skin. She has got short fair hair and brown eyes. She’s beautiful !
She’s full of energy, ambitious. She’s sporty and she is a bit manly. But, she’s jealous and resentful. Her hobby is football, more exactly soccer.
Her link with Jesminder is :

-  they both love their coach, Joe
-  they both play football
-  and they’re best friends ! (Camille D)

Joe is Irish. He is Jess and Jules’ coach. He is tall, he has got fair hair, blue eyes and a white skin. He loves football but he can’t play because of an injury. He’s very ambitious, he wants to coach a boys’ team. He is in love with Jesminder. (Nathan)

Jesminder is the main character of this film. Her surname is Bhamra. She’s a teenager and she’s got an older sister. She is Sikh and her best friend is Jules Paxton. Jesminder is small and she has got brown hair and a dark skin. She has got a scar on her right leg. She loves football. She’s sporty, determined, happy, generous and shy. She loves her coach : Joe. (Josselin)

Jesminder is a teenager and she is Sikh. She is quite small and she’s got brown hair. She has got a scar on her leg. She likes football and she plays in a football team with her friend, Jules. Jesminder is generous, happy and sporty. (Chloé R)

Common points between Jules and Jess :

- Both of them play soccer very well.
- Both of them are sporty.
- Both of them have fathers who like football.
- Both of them have mothers who don’t like football.
- Both of them are in love with the same boy, Joe.
- Both of them have been selected in the American team of Santa Clara.


The plot

♦ It’s a movie about a Sikh girl called Jesminder Bhamra (alias Jess). She has got an idol, David Beckham, a famous soccer player. Jess is an Indian girl and she likes playing soccer but her parents don’t want her to play this sport. Jess must marry an Indian boy because it’s the tradition in her family. One day, a girl called Juliette (alias Jules) sees her playing soccer and says she is a good player. Jess goes to play in a club without telling her parents. She falls in love with her coach, Joe. A day, Jess must play an important match but she can’t because it’s the same day as her sister’s wedding !
Will her parents let her play this match ? (Maxime C)

♦ The film is about two girls who love David Beckham and football above all.
One of them is Jesminder, her nickname is Jess, an Indian girl. Her parents don’t want her to play football because she is approximately nineteen and in India, teenagers girls get married at nearly this age !!
The other girl is Juliette, also called Jules, she is British. Contrary to Jess, Jules’ father allowed her to play football because he is a great fan of this sport but her mother doesn’t agree because she thinks it isn’t a female sport.
One day, Jess played football in a park when Jules saw her and her friends. Jules loves her way of playing football so she asked her to come into her team. (Marine F)

♦ Jesminder is a Sikh girl and she wants to play football. But her parents said : "you mustn’t play football, you must find a husband, it’s the traditions." Jess is sad. She wants to get married with Joe but Jules, her best friend, too ! What will happen...? (Leonard)

♦ Jess is a girl and she loves football, but her mother doesn’t want her to play football. One day, Jesminder meets Jules ; a girl, and she asks her to join her girl team. Jess’ idol is David Beckham.
Jules and Jess become best friends and both of them have got parents who are a pain !
Jules becomes jealous of Jesminder because they both love Joe, their coach... (Fanny)


♦ My favourite scene is when Jesminder plays in the park. She is the best,she dribbles all the boys ! I like it because it’s funny when we see
a girl wins against the boys ! (Dylan)

♦ My favourite scene is Jesminder’s sister’s wedding. Especially when her father told her to go to the football final and that she comes back smiling because they have won and they have been selected with Jules to go to America ! (Servane)

♦ My favourite scene is when Jess and jules’ team wins the final ! Everybody is happy. (Maxence)

♦ My favourite scene is when Joe tells Jess that their love is possible after all and that he kisses her ! Because this is when we realize how much he loves her, it’s a beautiful scene ! (Justine)


♦ I loved the film because it’s funny, romantic and the story is not
This film showed me how a Sikh family lives, their traditions. It also showed me how a girl must be : she must cook, she must get married with a
boy that her parents had chosen for her, she has no choice. (Maylis)

♦ I liked this film because it’s beautiful, there are some beautiful pictures. It’s funny and very good. Football and love are the main themes of the film. The story is very good. (Camille M)

♦ I liked this film because the plot is good. It means that you can come from a Sikh family, be a girl and play football ! It shows that girls can play soccer as well as boys and I hope that boys will think about it before saying to girls that they can’t play football !!! It’s a revange for girls !!! (Chloé A)

♦ I liked the film because it’s very funny and interesting. I love sport
and above all football. Jesminder and Juliette are good at football :
it’s a good example for girls who want to play football. Jesminder is a special Sikh girl and I loved Jesminder’s mother. (Maxime R)

♦ I liked this movie because it’s delirious ! Actors are good and the
story too. The main theme is football , the main character loves
football and plays well. And now we know a bit more about the Sikh traditions.And, we can see that girls can do the same as boys... (Bastien)


♦ POSTER 1 :

I can see two young girls in the foreground : they are friends. In the background, I can see four Indian women who are dancing.

My favourite poster is number two. (Abel)

♦ POSTER 2 :

We can see Jess and Jules. They are happy. In the background, there is Jess’s family. There is a ball next to Jess and Jules to represent football. There are a lot of colours.

My favourite poster is number 4 because it represents the story of the film and it is colourful ! (Aurélie)

♦ POSTER 3 :

On the picture, there are two girls with the same white and red T shirt. They are also wearing the same jeans and they are happy. The first girl has got short brown hair and the second one has got long fair hair. In the title, we can see a ball and in the background, the sky is blue. (Lambert)

♦ POSTER 4 :

We can see a girl dressed in the Sikh tradition with a pink and green sari. But she is also holding muddy football trainers in her back.

On the left we can read "Bent it like Beckham" and at the top it’s written "A terrific, savvy, fully felt comedy" and "the most gloriously quirky & delightfully feel-good British movie since Billy Elliot". (Paul-Emile)

♦ POSTER 5 :

In the foreground, we can see a girl with a ball above her head. In the middle, there are two groups : Jess’ family and Jules, Jess’ best friend. And in the background, there is a goal because the two girls are soccer players.

My favourite poster is number 4. (Marie-Benedicte)


♦ He was born on May, 2nd 1975 in England.

He has got short blond hair and he has got blue eyes. He is very

David is a football player. He is English.
His career began when he was 17 in 1997.
He played football at Manchester United from 1997 to 2003.
From 2003 to 2007 he played football at Real Madrid.
He was the captain of the English national team from 2000 to 2006.

Today, Beckham plays football at Los Angeles Galaxy.

He is very rich, he has got 13 cars !!!

He is married with Victoria. She was a member of the band “the Spice Girls”, she was a singer. They have got 3 children.

He is an excellent football player but he has never received the gold
ball. (Tom)

♦ David Beckham is 32 years old. He was born on May, 2nd 1975, in London, England.

He has got short blond hair and green eyes. He has got a white skin .He has got a wife and 3 children. He’s a professional football player.

from 1991 to 2003, he played with Manchester United,
from 2003 to 2007, he played with Real Madrid
since 2007 , he plays with the Los Angeles Galaxy. (Charlène)

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